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Mars Patrol


Mars Patrol



The Mars Patrol are a 6 piece band based in Edinburgh who have been honing their stirring alternative rock sound over a series of rapturously-received EPs and singles. Having already spawned two singles, Young Lovers and Girl I Used To Know, the album will be further showcased by third single Not About You, again with an accompanying video directed by John Hardwick (Travis, Noel Gallagher, Arctic Monkeys, Jake Bugg). The outfit’s new material examines fresh, untouched territory, directing listeners to interesting features, and placing themselves in sunny positions to weather winter months.
Singer Divine – who states David Bowie as a personal influence – says, “the single was inspired by Bowie’s ‘Lets Dance’ and releasing it as our main single alongside the album is our way of showing respect to such an important creative genius”.

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The Mars Patrol

04 Aug 2018
18:00 -19:30