The Polis (A Tribute to The Police)

The Polis are Scotland’s No 1 Police tribute act, performing an energetic and dynamic live set with all the urgency and angst of The Police at their very best. The Polis bring a reality and likeness to the sound that originally brought The Police to massive global popularity in the late 70s and early 80s.  Join them on a fantastic musical journey from Roxanne to the iconic Every Breath You Take. If you loved The Police, check out The Polis. Tuesday 15th August 6:15pm

50 in stock

50 in stock

Seating is at tables of 6. To reserve your own table, 6 tickets should be purchased.


A visit to ‘The A Club’ is an experience you’ll remember forever. A fantastic mix of live entertainment and stunning locally produced drinks in an iconic venue in the heart of Edinburgh.

Join us at the stunningly majestic Merchants’ Hall where you can relax, unwind, smile, laugh and dance along to a range of different acts and entertainers during the vibrant August Fringe Festival.



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