Absolute Weller

Performing songs from the entire and magnificent back catalogue of the legendary Mr Paul Weller. From the energy of Town Called Malice and The Eton Rifles, through the smooth musings of Ever Changing Moods and Shout To The Top with The Style Council, to his epic 30-year solo career and such hits as Changing Man, Broken Stones and You Do Something To Me, as well as many other favourites to please both the casual enthusiast as well as the avid fan. Now that’s entertainment!

Seating is at tables of 6. To reserve your own table, 6 tickets should be purchased.


A visit to ‘The A Club’ is an experience you’ll remember forever. A fantastic mix of live entertainment and stunning locally produced drinks in an iconic venue in the heart of Edinburgh.

Join us at the stunningly majestic Merchants’ Hall where you can relax, unwind, smile, laugh and dance along to a range of different acts and entertainers during the vibrant August Fringe Festival.



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